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thegod31 6 years ago
Finest porn star ever
to Badgirl24 8 years ago
It takes a narcissitic dumb black bitch to say some irrelevant, trivial, shallow shit like "Im a bad bitch" and "my weave gonna be on point".. You're right, you are a bad bitch. Now go outside in your dog house. Pets belong outside. Grow the fuck up. It takes a stupid woman to chastise ANOTHER woman.. On a porn site of all places. Enjoy the fuck and leave the self serving nitpicking to yourself.
waterwet 7 years ago
Whats his name
Dony 2 years ago
She's finest bitch
Prettyred 5 years ago
Good pussy
bitch 8 years ago
Biich stop hating
2 years ago
She too cute for that nigga
Tf31 3 years ago
Sexiest chick ever to fuck on camera
Diamond star that her name 8 years ago
I took me for ever to find her name
Djtone 10 years ago
That's a bad bitch