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Commitee on Women's Security, Welfare and Grievance Redressal

The prevalence of women in the public domain is increasing at a notable pace. Women in all spheres are increasingly feeling that they need a body which can hear and redress their grievances from sexual harassment to gender discrimination. In this direction, the Government of Karnataka and Directorate of Technical Education issued orders to set up a  Committee named Women's Security, Welfare & Grievance Redressal in all the Engineering Colleges and polytechnics, to proactively take up women's issues to ensure safe and secure women friendly atmosphere in their work place and in the institutions. Accordingly the Committee on Women’s Security and Grievance Redressal and Procter System was setup in Govt. CPC Polytechnic on 04/02/2013.

Mandate of Women's Security, Welfare and Grievance Redressal committee

  • To take proactive steps to prevent occurring of sexual harassment in the institution.
  • To receive and act upon any complaint of sexual harassment by any category of male staff, students or outsiders.
  • To address complaints of gender discrimination.
  • To counsel women staff distressed with acute problems including family, relationship problems etc., taking professional help if need be, from psychologists /pyscho-analysts / psychiatrists / professional counselors, so that they can regain their confidence to handle life courageously and become assets rather than liability to the society.
  • To ensure women friendly work environment and atmosphere in the institution
  • Providing adequate space like women's rest room, exclusive toilets etc., to handle women specific issues.
  • To enquire on complaints against female staff by male staff, and take corrective action.

Mandate of Procter System

  • To act as friend, guide and philosopher to the girl students.
  • To receive and act upon complaints of eve teasing, harassment of any kind, by boy students or male staff.
  • To receive and act upon complaints of eve teasing, harassment of any men not belonging to the institution, in the institution premises or elsewhere.
  • To guide, counsel and help girl students to overcome perplexity, distress or mental trauma related to academics or their personal life.

Women's Security, Welfare and Grievance Redressal Committee of Govt. CPC Polytechnic not only ensures safe environment for women employees and girl students but also organizes activities like workshops/ guest lectures/ seminars etc. benefiting the girl students.

Accordingly the following programmes were organized during the year 2012-13:

  • A workshop on ‘Human Rights Education and Legal Awareness’ conducted in association with Legal Authority Cell, Mysore.
  • A guest lecture on ‘Health Issues of Adolescent Girls’ conducted in association with Youth Red Cross Cell of Govt. CPC Polytechnic.


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