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DTE studio
Online video conference on technical subjects
JD visit to our Institute
Visit on 29/08/2017 and 30/08/2017
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Speech by Dr.Poonia, Vice Chairman, AICTE on shemes and initiativesi in AICTE
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To be recognized as best institution for value based technical education and consultancy to meet the needs of industry, academia and societyTo be recognized as best institution for value based technical education and consultancy to meet the needs of industry, academia and society.


Mission1:   To impart quality outcome based education in technical and non technical fields through best in class infrastructure, faculty and effective teaching-learning process. 

Mission2:   To promote collaboration with industry, alumni and other stake holders for enhanced opportunities of employment and entrepreneurship.

Mission3:   To provide value based system of education by focusing on ethics, discipline, integrity and social commitment. 


PO-1 (Basic Knowledge):

Apply basic knowledge of mathematics, science, and engineering as it applies to Computer Science & Engineering to solve engineering problems. 

PO-2 (Discipline Knowledge):

Apply the concepts of software engineering to build system software and application software and have the ability to design and maintain network architecture. 

PO-3 (Experiment and Practice):

Plan and develop systems to solve software and network engineering problems to derive the results through experiment and practice.  

PO-4 (Engineering Tools):

Create and use the techniques, algorithms, models and processes, and modern software/hardware tools necessary for computer engineering practice. 

PO-5 (The Engineer and Society):

Produce technical solutions in global and societal context and demonstrate the need for sustainable development.
PO-6  (Environment and Sustainability): 
Understand professional and ethical responsibilities and act accordingly in all situations. 
PO-7 (Ethics):
Inculcate professional and ethical responsibilities and marshal in all situations. 
PO-8 (Individual and Team Work):
Function effectively as an individual and as a team member, and in multi-disciplinary environment. 
PO-9 (Communication):
Communicate and present ideas effectively.
PO-10 (Lifelong learning):
Self-improvement through continuous professional development, and independent and lifelong learning in the context of technological changes. 
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