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National Cadet Cops (NCC)

Motto of NCC:   Unity and Discipline

National Cadet Corps, is a premier youth organization, functioning under the Indian Armed Forces. It is channelizing the youth energy in constructive work of our nation and moulding the character of the students at the crucial adolescent period.

NCC company army wing of our institution was established in the year 1965. In the beginning, the wing was functioning under 1 KAR Engineering Battalion and was consisting of 50 cadets. Later, in the year 1970, the wing was shifted to 15 KAR Battalion. It was the first wing formed under 15 KAR Battalion.

In the year 1986, the NCC wing of our Institution was shifted to 14 KAR Battalion NCC under Mysore group and the cadets’ strength was enhanced from 50 to 150 (of which 30% are women).

Over the past 48 years, more than 3000 cadets of our institution have undergone NCC training and about 6 cadets have represented Karnataka in the INDIAN REPUBLIC DAY PARADE at Delhi.

Today we find students of our institution with NCC background occupying position of responsibility in the various walks of life and discharging their duties with better efficiency. This itself is a great tribute to the excellent work being done by the NCC wing of our Polytechnic.

In the year 2012-13, ninety two cadets of NCC wing of our institution had appeared for ‘C’ certificate examination. All the cadets have qualified and eight of them have passed with ALPHA grade.

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